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Sundance Pressure Cleaning Niagara is a high-pressure wash company specializing in kitchen vent-a-hood exhaust systems cleaning and high- pressure wash.

Hinge Kits

Sundance Pressure Cleaning provides and installs hinge kits that attach to fans on the roof. This is required by NFPA 96 to ensure the fan can be lifted and tipped securely for proper cleaning of the fan blades and the ducts beneath the fan area. Hinge kits are...

Fan Grease Trap/Roof Protection

Sundance is an authorized distributor of several brands of grease trap/roof protection kits. Our trained technicians can install grease trap kits around fans on the roof to prevent grease overflow and leakage, causing damage to the roof’s surface. Over time, grease...

Fan Motor Compartment

The fan motor compartment contains the motor, electrical components, belts, pulleys and bearings. The use of water to this area is damaging. This area is located on top of the fan under a protective cover. Sundance does not clean this area for safety reasons, but we...

Access Panels

Sundance Pressure Cleaning provides and installs access doors in ducts to facilitate the cleaning of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Access panels enable us to do a complete job, allowing a “top-to-bottom” cleaning and ensuring that your system meets the...

Grease Filters

Sundance Pressure Cleaning is an authorized distributor of the specially designed and low cost Grease Filters. We provide Grease and A/C filters of all sizes and shapes at the lowest price.


All Professional kitchen hood cleaning companies should supply you with a “Certificate of Performance.” NFPA codes require this Certificate to be posted near the hood, much like the tag on your fire system.

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